Monday, March 5, 2018

Saving You Time - My Process Creating Custom Art

Naturally, my process starts with the people who trust me to create the 2D reality of their vision.

The bulk of my work is commissioned work for a lot of reasons. 
I have worked to develop a process that helps my customers get exactly what they want and lets me paint things I love, and have been using this process for nearly 2 decades.

Here is my approach:

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First - A client approaches me about creating a work or them. In our consultation, I learn about the type of work that is needed, the theme and other characteristics, and the location of the final installation.

Second - I create sample renderings of the proposed work using a computer

Third - I render the proposed piece and place them in a simulated installation on photos of the actual wall.

My client gets those images to review and, upon approval, receive the final work within the time specified.

I have developed my own style, and apply that style to:

* Abstracts
* Mixed Media
* Impressionistic Landscapes
* Portraiture
* Sports/Figurative 

One of the great advantage to my approach to art is that you can greatly reduce the time and effort in sourcing work for your interiors projects. I can apply my unique take on the world of imagery to your vision of the ideal piece (or pieces) and make them reality. If you are inspired by something you've seen, let's talk about it and I will build on that concept and create your own work unique to you that matches or exceeds your expectations. 

Take a look at the image progression of a couple of recent commission projects:

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