Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Anstead - Park City Ghost Sign Triptych

Ghost Sign in Park City

Final footprint: 36x36

Mixed media/acrylic on panel
Viewable from Davanza’s at 690 Park Avenue in Park City UT

This is an interpretation of a real vintage garage sign.
The building is being remodeled. I do not know what the future holds for this sign, but felt it is a great landmark in town and worth preserving through art.

 Detail 1

The cracking plaster is simulated through building up layers and using cracking techniques and powertools. The results of these layers can offer some transparencies in some areas and opaque areas that end up looking fairly natural.

Ghost signs tell a story mostly forgotten by the passing of generations and carry the scars of living. They are a wonderful metaphor for life, to be sure.

Detail 2

Speaking of life and living, I need to draw attention to my approach to these works and the detail that could be overlooked. The underlayment of each piece has newspaper pages from the area and from the era that is represented. In this case, I used the pages of the Park Register Newspaper from 100 years ago (or so.)

They may be a bit illegible in this piece, but you can read them in many of the pieces. I look for ads with a little character to come through, and occasionally there are real gems in the articles. The society pages are personal favorites.
Here are a couple of samples:

Miss Anna Carruth, one of our public school instructors, who was granted two months leave of absence to visit in Ogden and Coalville, resumed her school work this week. The lady is a competent instructor.


(Headline: Doesn't Like Cooking)
Rhoda Bernice Epstein is only ten, but she has entered the Eastern High School of Washington (Utah) with a perfect score in the grade schools. But she isn't interested in cooking.


Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Bland went to Salt Lake Saturday afternoon to witness
the "Bird of Paradise" at the Salt Lake theater.
The lady and gentleman returned home Sunday morning.


Mrs. Glen Wentworth and children
were passengers for salt lake this afternoon
to remain several days with
their parents Mr. and Mrs W. D. Sutton
The lady will of course attend
the grand inaugural ball next Monday night


The H.G.L. club was entertained by Miss Evelyn Tuggle Monday at
6 o'clock dinner, in honor of her sixteenth birthday.

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