Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Torn Paper Abstract Art



About My Mixed Media Featuring Torn Paper and Turn-of-the-Century Typography

The storytelling in this torn and scrubbed abstract triptych is more subtle but it's there.
The faded ads on the sides of grand old buildings are called Ghost Signs. They have been there for generations and are now starring in my work. I've also blended in vintage newspaper columns from the turn of the century matching the eras.

The work is extremely versatile. If typography tells your story best, I can fold into the work any language visual element to make a unique artistic expression, including newspaper articles and ads, magazines, bills of lading, punch cards, time cards, handwritten notes, signs ... anything that fits.
And it's the degree to which those signs have degraded with weather and time that catches the eye. I then take all kinds of liberties in helping to advance their weathering through various tools.

Check for current inventory or have them custom built for your spaces.

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