Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Grunged-Out Collages for Themed Interior Designs

Untitled - Mixed-Media Collage © 2016 Stewart Anstead
This is a mixed-media piece with a style for your consideration.

It is created on canvas, and features black and white copies on paper, specialized sealants, acrylic paint, and the use of serious power tools.

This form of art is cathartic for me in that it is more freeform of an expression ... I get to use whichever imagery I like, in whatever form I like, and experiment as I go. Plus, who doesn't like to create a little mayhem using power tools?

The theme for this piece was to focus on women involved in the ski industry of yesteryear: 1920s-1950s.
This piece has been sold. However, there is a series of these being created right now as of this posting that are available for sale. These pieces under development are also of vintage skiing but are inclusive of men and women.

If you may be interested in acquiring work of a specific them or era, call me and let's talk it through. Take a look at some of my work in the collage page of this site for ideas.

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