Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Custom art for your corporate setting - Start with considering the story you want to tell

Interior designers are pros at telling the story of any space.

The methodology may differ company to company, but the main point always comes down to the message you want to send in that space.
Does your company have a high ceiling in its entryway? Is the entry used by customers? What kind of message should that space send to your customers? Maybe it's something from this list:


No matter which way is most appropriate, the solution is always a story. 

I make it my business to understand your story and to create a piece that is artistic (of course), but also on strategy.

Here is an example of the process:

Client: Alpine Art Center - Alpine, UT
Objective: Create a painting that greets visitors and sets the overall theme of the main space
Strategy: Create a painting that is a large size to make an immediate statement of foliage, garden area, with local mountains and some bright colors

The process included my submission of several layouts that would evoke the feelings the client wanted, and to be inviting and tone-setting.

The large wall created a great opportunity to use the space and give the wall a sense of proportion/scale.

I can help walk you through identifying the appropriate message of your spaces that cry out for some form of art. The process I go through to arrive at the proposal renderings that you could choose from is a bit more detailed than what I described. You might have corporate messages that would really set off that space perfectly. These can take the form of a collage, a timeline, a vision of the future of the company, and much more. I will explore those storytelling options with you.

Whether you have need for a wall solution for your office or for your home, the solution is a story.

I would suggest it's time to do something about that blank wall.

Let's talk.


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