Thursday, February 6, 2014

Anstead Art - Introducing the Landmark Series


Bring together themes and local landmarks into one piece of art.

These pieces have evolved from my early paintings on the theme. I have rendered many paintings of Park City and Deer Valley areas as well as snow sports and the athletes who perform there.

Now, this is the natural next step in showing the town and the sports I love … done in a completely new way.

I could describe to the slightest detail on
how I do these, but it really comes down to this: I mash up the two concepts in ways that I find exciting, with imagery that I have never seen come together this way before. In short, I believe that if I like, you might as well.

This piece in the Landmark Series is 24x32x2 mixed media on wood panel. It is entitled "Shredding at Eley Motor Co. - Old Town Park City".

(To see other pieces in the Landmark Series, please view my work on the link to entitled "Collage Pieces".)

As with most of my work, this piece tells a story.

The background is the back wall of the old Eley Motor Co. building, a garage space that is now the location of the Kimball Arts Center. It's in Park City's old town located just west of Main Street at the top of Park Avenue. The wall sign is crumbling which, of course, is a big part of its charm. 

Not every visitor to the area gets to see the sign. It's just enough off the beaten path that you would need to either drive by it as you worked your way into the Main Street district, or you would be walking to this area for a burger at Davanza's or one of the area microbrews or a ski tuneup. 

The locals know it, though, and it speaks to the historic nature of what was here before the ski industry put it on the map.


This piece has a secret: The background has ghosted words throughout. When you look closely, you will see that the words are the names of ski runs. But, not just ANY ski runs … they are the names of ski runs in Deer Valley Resort. Why is that a secret? For now, Deer Valley Resort does not allow snowboarding! Snowboarders are, by their nature, nonconformists. This is my nod to the personality and spirit of snowboarders who may make political statements from time to time relating to their sport.

Now you are in the secret of the work. Don't tell anybody.

This pieces is available in these forms:

1. Original
This is the mixed media version of the work which is a giclee base which as been painted on with acrylic paints. The snowboarder and his board are painted.

24x32x2 Mixed media on wood panel
Price: $1,500 + s/h

2. Limited Edition Giclee
This version is a museum quality print.


Size: 24x32 
Edition Number: 12
Mounted on wood panel
Price: $550 (includes taxes and shipping to lower 48 states)
Size: 24x32 
Edition Number: 12
Price: $250 (includes taxes and shipping to lower 48 states)

Size: 18x24
Edition Number: 12
Mounted on wood panel
Price: $250 (includes taxes and shipping to lower 48 states)

Size: 18x24
Edition Number: 12
Price: $120 (includes taxes and shipping to lower 48 states)

Framing and Matting Available. Contact for details.

Call: 801-787-0474

These are only available as limited editions and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Payment: Cash, Check, Credit Cards through PayPal
PayPal Buyers: Use onsite payment button for quick transaction
Simply select the payment amount and then send me an email about which version you have purchased.

*Will send internationally at exact cost plus insurance

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