Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Start Seeing Red Convertible BMWs - Breakthroughs in 2013!

If you look carefully at this past year, you will see that you have plenty of reasons to feel positive about the future. Here is my prescription for feeling as positive about the future as I possibly can:

Actively Seeking for Wonder and Awe

Do you remember the phenomena of buying a red convertible BMW and then seeing them everywhere you go?! They were always there. You just started looking for them. When you seek the sense of wonder you are filtering through all the other noise in your life and pulling those things that are good into your heart and mind. When you do, you open yourself to some of the most intense self-produced chemical experiences a human can have. The idea is simple: There ARE miracles in day-to-day living! These are little nuggets of awesomeness … and they are experienced only by those who are awake for them.

Here are my wonder and awe top 10 for the year 2013. Each of them were either discovered or amplified or confirmed in 2013:

* Astronomers have adjusted their estimate that (our) Milky Way Galaxy has almost 9 billion earth-like planets within it alone

* Bitcoin is the first viable currency that is independent of any government inflation and control, given legitimacy in the courts, and is having huge international impact

* 75% of Americans are online. By percentage of the population who are online by country, the USA ranks 28th in the world, meaning that many countries of the world are ahead by percentage

* 75% of the world population has access to mobile phones

* Artificial corneas exists, and are giving varying levels of vision to unsighted people in Europe. The degree of success is improving and will soon be cleared for use in the USA

* Three different owners groups are involved in private space flight programs

* New artificial limbs can be controlled by human thought

* 3D printing! It wasn't invented in 2013, but it became affordable and much more sophisticated. It was used to create miniaturized action figures of real people in a photo booth. It was used to build a life-sized car and an actual working human kidney!

* Higgs-Boson confirmed

* Historic Wrigley Field in Chicago was saved as a working baseball park through an investor

Naturally, you won't agree with everything on my list, but the items on my list give me a sense of wonder and awe.

What is on your list for 2013?

The point is that we can look at 2013 and find things that are ugly, demeaning, degrading, unfortunate, and just plain frightening … the easy thing to do. 25% of your tv news is sensationalistic ugliness and 75% of it are press releases from corporations … not 'news' at all. I'm trying to reduce the amount of data I consume that is not uplifting and inspiring this year. I don't have the bandwidth for constant stream of ugly things anymore.

Wonder and Awe

These kind of moments are already happening right now in 2014.

Open your eyes to them.

Open your heart to them.

Start seeing red convertible BMWs.

If you can believe that the world around you can be beautiful, inspiring, fascinating, and maybe even have the power to elevate your soul, you will be in possession of two of life's greatest gifts …

a sense of wonder
and a sense of awe.

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