Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anstead Painting - Snowboarders and Park City Landmarks in Art

Let's face it …

Snowboarders are gnarly.


They are winter sports savvy but they are surfing more than they are skiing.

PLUS - they have an attitude. They are counterculture and that makes them cool by definition, these days.

What is more counterculture than shredding powder trails all around the provincial skiing community!

Why paint snowboarders?

For one thing, they just look different. They offer new ways of filling a canvas.

I love skiers too, but snowboarders and awesome! You know who you are.

Here's my latest piece.

It's 24x32x2 which is a collage on paper and detailed with acrylics and completed on wood.

Here's the backstory:
The snowboarder … alright, I haven't a clue who the boarder is … but he's pretty neat.
The background is a landmark in the off-Main Street area of old town Park City.
I have always loved that crumbling hand-painted sign, and it belonged to a motor company of which we don't have the complete spelling. I should really find that out and I will and then post it here.

The words in the background (very subtly, I might add) are the names of ski runs in the Park City area. There's also a surprise hidden in plain sight. If you ask about it I will divulge it to you. Otherwise I will keep it to myself.

Available for acquisition.

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