Friday, December 20, 2013

Well ... do you like it? That's the only reason you need.


What is the value of your painting?

Why should I buy your work?

Do you have a compelling story that I can tell others when they see your work?

Here are my answers …

What is the value of my painting?

I have been selling my work for more than a decade.
The prices I am commanding are rising every year.
The value is dependent on a few things, but mostly it depends on you.
How do you vote with your money on other things you value?
A car? A book? A piece of furniture? There is a price you have in mind.
You fall in love with the thing and you understand that there are substitutes. Is having this thing that you love worth spending more for because there is not a substitute that reaches the value you get from acquiring that thing.

As an artist, we know that there are always substitutes. That will never change. In fact, in today's world, you can get exact replicas of any original work out there from sources outside the USA for less than the price of a frame. Remarkable.

If so, you are set to go for the price of lunch.
Is that what you want?

I can tell you for a certainty that the ONLY reason why I do art is to create, not to copy.
THAT is what I want.

I get to keep doing this when you value what I value.

So, what matters is that your vote counts.
It matters a lot.

In an esoteric sense, your vote says that you have connected in a special way to the universe. You are connecting to other people who are especially chosen to deliver that special thing you value. You are mutually benefitting with others.

It's perfect.

Why should you buy my work?

I don't know. You tell me.

Does it have design qualities you like?
Does it match the couch?

Those are decent qualities to consider. Ok.
I hope that there might be a little more to it.

Does it feature themes that you relate to?
When you look at it, do you want to look again and again?
Is it meaningful enough that you want to tell others about it?
Does it "speak to you?"
Are there ideas that express who you are?
Can it even touch your heart in places you've never been touched before?

That's what I am after.
That's my goal.
That's the only reason that makes sense for me to try and improve to reach that goal again and again.

Do you have a story that I can tell others when they see your work?

Yes. But, it's probably not the story you heard from your friend who just bought a Picasso print, or an up-and-comer Russian artist that is sure to take the art world by storm. I am not Russian. I am not in the trade pubs and I am not a child prodigy. I'm just not. I am also aware that these things move a cool storyline along … that somehow your friend's purchase was justified on the grounds of investment potential. Does that make them smarter? Is that why they buy art? Is that why you do?

All I can tell you about this is that I am never going to quit painting. I don't intend to quit eating or breathing, either. It is what I do. It is one thing that helps define me. Does that increase the likelihood that my work may someday be worth ten times the asking price. Who knows. Maybe that will occur for my work. Maybe.

I say that the majority of the storyline of any painting you acquire should be YOUR story, anyway.
What are your memories?
What are your experiences?
Where were you when you found it?
What does the work remind you of?
Is it an expression of your loves, your hopes, your dreams?
Or do you just plain like it?!

See … this is what adds to the value of your painting. You have a story to tell. Artwork is an excellent way to do that. And, I might add, that the personal reasons are by far the best reasons to acquire art.

My story? My story is mine. Ask me about it. I'm unique … just like everybody else!

In summary, I paint for the love of it, and people buy for the love of it, and that is all that matters.

Why do you buy art? If you want art that fulfills your soul, engages your heart, and meets your passions, I think there is nobody else around who can do it like me.

Let me show you how.

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