Saturday, December 14, 2013

BUY ART! Here's how it benefits you!

Buy your art locally. Here's why:

There are some things in life that deserve to be highlighted.
When it is truth, I am behind it 100%.

I believe there is enough in this world to go around.
There is room for every artist to express themselves.
There are enough buyers of art for all expressions of art.
And it is you, the art buyer, who I want to emphasize here.

Today, I am interested in thanking you for helping
make the vision of fresh artist expression possible.

You are the engine that makes our world better with new ideas and new artistic expression.
It is for sure that artists would be making art no matter if they make money at it or not, but it is would not be to the volume we see today without the flow of capital to make it self-sustaining.

I want to make an emphatic point here that when you make art acquisition choices, you can make a huge difference in the future output of beauty in the world just by how you cast your vote for where your financial support is allotted.

May I introduce you to the thoughts of fellow artist J. Kirk Richards, an artists who is pretty young and whose work I really admire. I've never met him, but have followed his career over a decade. His work is among my favorites as far as style and expression are concerned.

He has a blog and has an entry that I think you, as an investor, need to read. He writes about how indispensable you are and the affect you have on so many artisans as you vote with your wallet on your art choices.

Here is the linkL

Here is a short summary (for those of you who skimming this blog:

* When you buy good real art, you are voting to perpetuate that artist's take on the world for future expression.

* When you buy real art, you are making a statement that you are not skimping on a critical aspect of your interior decorating.

* When you buy real art, you supporting many other people down the supply chain financially who help to bring the art to you, including materials people and fulfillment people. It is fascinating how important you are in the process.

I want to emphasize something else here that needs to be said, I think. I believe strongly that you should trust the opinion of your interior design professional on the direction you should consider on art that will compliment the work they have done making your interior spaces looking fantastic. They should be trusted on the furniture choices, the color schemes, the texture plans, the flooring and wall choices, and it shouldn't stop there! They are a great ally when considering the final touch to your overall space by choosing art that makes the whole space pop. The addition of art will make the space soar in beauty. It just does.

You know what appeals to you. You also rely on the opinions of the pros when it comes to building out excellent spaces.

I am pleading with you to not skimp on the art! It's often the last you step you take in finishing the overall look of your spaces, and it is a crying shame to me when bad art is chosen for that finishing touch, or cheap art was chosen as a trophy for being so smart at striking a deal for art that is less than what it could be.

Please Please Please … do not let this happen to you!

You spent good money on everything from your flooring to your trimming to your appliances to your lighting. Do budget for art in the same fashion. Don't spend your entire budget on everything else and then get art that is an after thought. You deserve better. You really should reconsider your overall decorating plan with your interior design professional and make sure your art choices are a key part of your plan.

I greatly appreciate it when design pros engage my artwork as part of their creative space expressions, and I know their clients are happy about it, as well. Take the advice of those who are on your side; who see final outcomes in their mind' eye and are highly skilled to help you enjoy better outcomes.


I think it's really important that you consider the source for your art acquisitions. You now know the supply chain of where your art comes from (mine is similar to Kirk Richard's, as is most artists') and how important it is for you to take pride in not only the best outcome of your interior spaces, but also how your purchase affects the livelihood of everyone in the supply chain who help to raise the value of artist expression right here in your country, your area, and your neighborhood. It really is something that pays dividends back to you in ways that are tangible and measurable.

Buy good art. Listen to your designers. And, please, don't underfund the very key interior design element to makes your spaces beautiful … the art that sets it all in motion!

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