Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thank you to my first studio - 100 year old Harrington School

Here's my first studio … a classroom in the old Harrington School in downtown American Fork. It was
just me, all alone, in a 100-year-old schoolhouse of probably 100k square feet of ghostly excellence.

This blog entry is my tip-of-the-cap to the best place I can think of to start my painting career. I painted there for about 6 months, starting in
summer and ending in December in 2000. It is owned by Dr. Carl Bell who agreed to support this little venture.

My studio cab be seen in the upper corner with some windows broken out. (They were not broken when I was there, although that might have been awesome if it was.)

The door lock was a key lock on a long, hefty steel chain that wrapped through the door handles.

I walked up and down the wide stairs to the upper floor on my own. By myself. I left the studio in the dark. Sometimes my kids visited the studio. They came over in the daylight and I always walked them out.

I used to be asked if there were ghosts there or not. Well, on the one hand, I never saw one, but on the other hand … um … yeah. There were. I heard some crazy stuff. I am going with that. Sounds of doors and windows opening and closing. Those were nifty.

My current studio has running water and plumbing, but it is not as conducive to creativity as the Harrington School.

Thank you, Dr. Bell. Thank you, to all my invisible friends at the school.

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