Thursday, October 3, 2013

Anstead Paintings - Reducing your art purchase risk

You like the ability to go into galleries so you can actually see the finished paintings that you might
consider to buy and because it can be an entertaining process. It's fun.

That is an interesting challenge for the buyer and the artist.
Maybe you'll find just the thing you're looking for. Maybe not.
For an artist, maybe you're represented by the gallery. Maybe not.

YOU have just completed the process of renovating that lodge or that condo or that office or that extra room and have some walls that could use just the right painting to set the whole room off. It takes that painting to finish it up, and yet ...

... you are leaving the most important step in completing the look up to chance. Maybe you'll see
something you like ... maybe not.

Why do it that way?

You don't have to leave it to chance at all! All you have to do is call me. Tell me about your space. Tell me the story you might want to tell. I can do the rest.

I would love to be considered as your artist of choice. But you won't find me unless you have either seen my work, been referred to my work, or see my work somewhere. In either case, it is clear that there is a lot of work to be done to have the chance of being seen at all.

This website is good for an introduction. You can see me, my work, and some of my methodology.
But we should talk.

There is no charge for a consultation. Call me. I can come to the space where you'd like to acquire art to
finish the look, if you wish.

In most cases, I can work with you through the whole process and you can have a finished original work of art on those walls within 2 weeks time.

And the beauty of it is ...

It's still fun to decide on what art goes up there but there's no guesswork.

I can help you through the process just as if you were in a gallery full of only the work that interests you!

You have the ability to tell you story.

I have the ability to draw it out of you and put it in a rendering that you can then decide on.

You have more power than you think.

Blank walls?

Not anymore.

Two weeks. Space filled. Done.

Here's my number:


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