Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's called "Us" - How connectedness transcends marketing

The thing that makes us who we are at our core ...
is the thing that will always be allusive to marketers.

It is the shared experience of watching a funny tv ad with friends and suddenly you laugh out loud.
You never did that when you were watching the same ad all by yourself.

Deep core connectedness.

It's the tribal feeling left unstated that says, 
"I can take the risk to get to know you, a stranger in my tribe. I am acceptable and I accept you, as well.
It's pretty crazy, this shared experience here, isn't it?!
I like the feeling of belonging and am happy to accept you the same way."

It isn't coolness.
It isn't affluence.
It isn't beauty or any other luck-of-the-draw.

It is us.

We, at our core, value US the most.

Us is sacred ground.
Anyone treading on US will not succeed.
They repel.

Watch this video link. You'll see:

It is us.

- Stew

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