Sunday, December 2, 2012

Snow and Art

Is winter your time to be outside and get to the fresh powder at first light?

Is it a reason for you to slow life down and read a good book?

When winter sets in and snow changes everything, that's the time when you are granted the approval to do both.

The unifying theme is the excitement that change brings.

Living around ski towns is the best! They redefine themselves season to season. In wintertime, they come alive with activity and that inspires me to paint even more.

Change is quite welcome.

That is another reason why people often acquire art that is reflective of their environment, and the change that a home you retreat to in the winter might just show what that environment looks like when you spend time there.

I love painting each season. There is something special about each one, but I quite like the change to painting winter more often, now. It might be because of the unique look of aspen trees. I mean, just look at them! They are built for winter. The spots on the trees are unlike most other trees, and that makes them more interesting to me. Do they have that affect on you?

Winter is fun and it is relaxed; exciting and calm.

Art captures them all for you.

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