Monday, September 17, 2012

Autumn and it’s Affect on Your Taste in Art

Where do you go for #inspiration in your art choices?
You probably go from an impulse found deep inside your soul.
If a piece strikes that right chord with you, you don’t know why but you know it has that certain something. SOLD!

Surrounding oneself with reminders of people and places, and meaningful images in general, gives us such joy. It says a lot about your taste in art, and it says a lot about you, personally!

Here’s a free color test site I found that you might find interesting:

Upon taking that quiz, I found out that I prefer the finer things of life, but that I can be critical sometimes. At least I play well with others and choose a happy color pallet to surround myself with.

Whatever color choices you make, you might find that you surround yourself with colors that serve a deeper need than just to keep current with style and fashion; you are most likely serving an important need that is feeding your soul.


Talk about valuable!

Autumn brings out the best in me. It’s the best time for local temperatures, for the best fishing, the best in baseball, college football, and the start of pro football. It is the time when you turn off the AC and open windows at night. It is the time for nature to put on her finest show with reds, purple, yellows, and greens.

And winter is right next door.

May I suggest you consider the value of choosing colors and subjects in your art that say the most about you … that tell your story.

#Autumn is a gift that pays off in many ways, and you have the opportunity … fleeting as it is … of surrounding yourself with what your soul needs both inside and out right now!

Change is about rejuvination. Autumn helps makes it so.

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