Thursday, August 9, 2012

Problem-Solving Through Virtual Art Installations

Now that you've identified a wall in your home or office that could use artwork, there are a few ways to find out what would work perfectly there. Here's how:

Many people prefer to get professionals to help find the right solution. You might also come across a piece of art on your own that would work. In either case, you can ask the designer or gallery to have the work actually installed so you can physically see for yourself how it fits.

However, you can now see which work fits best through a virtual home installation. This picture shows an example of this method.

This is a composite image that takes actual photos of the space to receive the #artwork and then images of paintings are layered on top using Photoshop to simulate the installation. When done in proportion, it gives a good sense of how the work fits through size, color, and subject matter. Lighting effects can also be used in this process so various settings can be explored.

There is a benefit using the virtual installation method when considering large or #oversized art for placement on your wall. It can be very difficult to physically bring in #largeart to place on your wall when considering if it will work for your or not. At the earlier stage of consideration, you can see with very close approximation how it will look in a space and all it took was moving some computer images around.

Another advantage of the virtual home art installation is that you can ask for different subjects to be rendered to see what a work may feel like BEFORE the painting is actually created. This can be done at a modest cost and some art buyers appreciate having this flexibility. Virtual installations are a good tool to use in some cases, and you should know that this option is open to you. Please consult your design team on your interests and determine if this method of problem solving fits your project needs.

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