Sunday, August 12, 2012

Christmas should be fun! Let me help make it even better!

You know it's coming soon. VERY soon!

Maybe you need to fill a wall. Maybe you need just the right gifts. Art can do both!

Let's end that forthcoming Christmas anxiety right now!
I have been given a message to pass on to your "3 months in the future" self: Simplify.

Ladies -- This message is for you

You are the one who does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas planning and the detail work that makes it all come together.

A lot of that work can be reduced to smaller tasks, recruiting the help of others, eliminating what's unnecessary, and handpicking and making time for the ones that should be special ... and even fun!

You have a focal point wall that wants and needs to be accented with a painting that will set it off. You ALSO will be hosting family and friends often during the fall and winter months.

First rule of simplification -- If it is important, DON'T PUT IT OFF!

Your art choice gets to be one of your FUN activities!

Choose to address this now and it will be one of your more rewarding decisions when the time comes that you're hosting. You get to say "Come look at this!" as you guide your friends over to that once empty wall. They will love what you've done to add warmth and beauty to your environment. You will love that you didn't have to make a last-minute choice that was a compromise from what you would have much preferred.

How to Solve this Sweet Challenge

You will note that I have written about how to choose that perfect piece of art in an earlier posting. You can scroll down to read in detail how to best aid in the process. What you have at your disposal are the assistance of artists (like myself) and galleries to give your the shopping experience you might want and also the professional guidance to make an informed decision and get the piece that you will fall in love with. So, read those articles.

Here's another important reason to jump on this now ... 

Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day is high season which means that our time, as artists, is at a premium. This is when we are working at our hardest just keep up with demand. I love being commissioned to do custom work anytime, but I can do that work a bit cheaper and a lot easier before those months. I can spend more time walking you through details of your perfect piece and you get the piece done how you want and in plenty of time before your to-do list grows exponentially ... like ours!

Call Me Now!

The hint of fall is in the air and the leaves are just starting to turn! 

Is it #largeart that is needed? No problem. I also wrote an earlier post about large paintings and how they can be exactly what's needed in a space, regardless if the wall space is huge or not.

Ho Ho Ho!

Your timing couldn't be better! 
I have work ready for acquisition now and am also accepting commission work now. Its like Christmas and Chanukah are in full swing right now! Let me help you handle one of your bigger Holiday "to-do" items now and I can promise you this:

Having your wall space dilemma solved now will be a lot more fun and will make the rest of the details you know you will be focused on during your entertaining high-season much easier ... and more rewarding. 


Call me and let me help you fill your home with the visual stories you want to be told through art.

Stewart Anstead

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