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(Note: Dr. Stephen R. Covey was highly accomplished and also acknowledged those who came before that helped him become that way. I thought about the approach to gratitude that #Stephen R. Covey discussed in his training when I originally wrote about this ... another example of the shoulders of a giant upon whom thousands of people stand. Thank you, Stephen R. Covey.)

This is an Acknowledgment as if I were already an author. (I am not yet but will be soon.) It is a list of people who I can look back upon and see a positive impact on me that helped to shape who I am. It would be a fascinating visual to see me and then all the influential people in my life standing behind me. That would be a large group, for sure.

(I highly recommend that you try this exercise for yourself! If you do, I would love to have you post it or send me an email with it.)

This list does not contain the obvious oblations to deity. It would be trite and exploitive to do so in this forum. Needless to say, I'm a fan.

I found through this list that the people who influenced me the most were innovators, not exploiters. I love good singers, but singer/songwriters have my respect. They were the creators. I try to emulate the creators.

That being said, here are some people who have inspired me and also people to whom I owe everything (mostly in no particular order):

First - Everyone who scanned this article only to find their names weren’t listed when it should have been ...  You’re absolutely right.  My mind is starting to slip in my middle age. If that’s the case, please send me an email and I will add you to the list and I will also state why you belong there!

Kelly Anstead
Teacher of hundreds of junior high children who have truly needed her help, inspirer, comedienne, mother of my children, the one who chose to walk the path with me

My children
Because they’re my kids and we’re all pretty good friends, actually

Terrell and Shawna Ewing
Through whom I witnessed the refining process of the few who reach near-perfection in this life

Marilyn Anderson
Writer, thinker, phrase-turner, most creative person you will never know about

Donald Fagan and Walter Becker (#steelydan)
The core of Steely Dan, complex musical phrasers, obtuse lyricists, true originals

Lyndi Dani
My sister, business diva, 20-plus-year chronic pain sufferer, and future author

Jesse Owens
Olympic athlete, the most important sports victories of all time by sticking it in Hitler’s face at just the right time

Seth Godin
Author, tells-it-like-it-is mentor at a distance, butt-kicker

Gary Garner
MD, hospice worker, doctor of humanitarian aid, doctor of fun for everybody, and doctor of pyrotechnics

Dan Simons
Discovered my work and actually found people who bought my work for cash money

My Parents
Who taught me that to be creative was important for a better life

Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann
The guys who created Helvetica type font, widely considered the greatest font of all time

Roy Hobbs
Fictional baseball player, dream follower, opportunity-maker, stadium lights exploder

Gary Larson #farside
Far Side comics creator, only newspaper comic that made me genuinely laugh just about every time

Eyvind Earle
Artist, Disney art director

Walt Disney (while I'm at it) #disney
I once wanted to work for Disney, but I never really dreamed of working for Disney. What I dreamt of was doing what Walt did. My jealousy demonstrates my admiration

Jerry Rice #jerryrice
Pro football player, played for my team, best at his position ever, hardest practicing player ever

Joseph Smith, Jr. #mormon
Prophet of the Restoration, submitter, receiver and transmitter, urban planner, innovator

Robert Frost
Poet, realist and optimist at the same time

Willie Mays #williemays
Probably the greatest baseball player of all time, played for my Giants, fought prejudice the right way

William Goldman
Screenwriter, clever mind, taught me about the layers of comedy

Alief Priliamtono
Leader, rocker, philanthropist, captain of Indonesia

Gene Roddenberry
Science fiction writer, visionary

Mr. and Mrs. G. Max Williamson - Mr. Ramay - Mr. Duarte
Music teachers who demanded I push myself to learn the language and freedom of music

Paul Cox
BYU biology professor, demander of higher artistic and cultural expression

Tracey and Joel Christensen
Founders-Now I Can Foundation, turning overwhelming challenges on its head

Beva Shelby
Friend, cancer survivor

Clement Mok @clementmok
Design pioneer

Ed Wheeler
Butte College teacher, wonderful performances of "Please Mister Custer", taught me to question authority, during a play that he starred in, I watched him get notice that his home was actually on fire ... and he gutted out his performance all the way through. 

George Lucas @georgelucas
Filmmaker, writer, builder of universes

Stein Eriksen
Skiing innovator – inventor of ski aerials, gold medal Olympian, entrepreneur

Guy Kawasaki @guykawasaki
Original Apple Evangelist, online guru, engagement hound

Mark Comer @accidentalguru
Entrepreneur, musician, philanthropist, rocker, and dream-making evangelist

Herb Caen
Writer for the San Francisco Chronicle

All of my young men's church leaders/scout leaders
For teaching me the basics and encouraging me to develop my talents and increase my influence in helping others

Muhammad Yunus
Innovator, creator of Grameen Bank microfinance concept to stimulate business creation and growth in impoverished nations, created Grameen Foundation as charitable arm

The farm jobs I had that taught me how to work, helped me pay for my dating habits, and inspired me to get a college degree to do something else!

The correct pronunciation of the word "almond" with a silent 'L'
fun hook for conversation (sounds like “salmon”)

The San Francisco Giants
Pro baseball team, provider of joy each summer and a lifetime narrative of consistency to draw upon again and again

Terry Wardle
Entrepreneur, gave me my first real job, chance-taker, hilarious takes on human nature

Tim Hansen
Kind heart through tough breaks

Mike Simpson and Mike Ramsden
My high school art teachers who gave me the feeling that I might actually be able to learn to create art of substance someday

Jason McElwain
Autistic, focused, athlete, price-payer, made the most of an opportunity when it came along

Dr. Seuss
Broke the ‘60s mold in literature for children

Minerva Tichert
Rancher’s wife, art student, storyteller

Hameed and Enah
Childless couple saved children from the streets of Surabaya, Indonesia - growing into a Muslim orphanage named Mambul Ulum, with nearly 150 kids ... supported by their own industry and built brick by brick. 5 Star Legacy Foundation supports their cause.

Betty Miles
Along with my mom who was my first Cub Scout leader, Betty Miles was an early Scout leader who transitioned me from the world of being a child to the world of young men with potential and with responsibility.

Danny Cruces
Drummer, innovator, a true prodigy

Rock and Roll
You gotta have rock and roll music if you wanna dance with me

Dave Wottle
1972 Olympics gold medal runner, hat wearer

Satchel Paige
Baseball legend, Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in Major League Baseball, but Paige is the man responsible for making that possible.

Mark (Mohinder Ralph) Richins
Friend, used the saxophone as a way to meet girls, consistent, faithful in important things

Steve Wozniak @stevewoz
Founding partner of Apple Computers, created the tools I used most of my business career

Thomas Knoll and Seetharaman Narayanan
Two guys whose names have always been on the open screen credits when you open Adobe Photoshop, one of the tools I have always used on my Apple Computers and whose names I have always noticed for no apparent reason

My Parents-in-Law and Parents-in-Step
Who didn't have to be so accepting, but make me feel like I always have allies no matter what

Randy Morris and Boyd Tidwell
Two of my favorite big-brained friends, object-oriented software engineering pioneers

David Sanborn
Saxophone-playing savant

The boys from Chico 1st Ward
Friends, fellow campers, teammates, photo circa 1976

Carl Sagan
Taught me to look toward the skies and imagine all of creation

Spencer W. Kimball
Humble servant of God and latter-day Prophet

Ben and Jerry
Ice cream and ice cream marketing innovators

Paul MacCready, Jr.
Aeronautic engineer,  designer of first human-powered airplanes, the Gossamer Condor and Gossamer Albatross, winner of Kremer Prize for the first to create such craft and fly a specific course

Norman Rockwell
Artist, illustrator, storyteller with few peers

The Astronauts
All of them. I’m a fan.

My Siblings
Patient, accepting, you are all lovable, interesting, loyal, fun to be around, leaders, and quirky - all of you

John Singer Sargent
Portrait artist, the perfect combination of alchemy and stroke simplicity

Martin Hayward
Humble missionary who insisted on going even though he was too old, ran a marathon, and then unassumingly ran it all the way back again. In 1980, that might have been unprecedented

John Clayton
Jazz composer and musician, wrote the arrangement of the “Whitney Houston” version of The Star Spangled Banner performed at the 1990 Super Bowl … the most beautiful arrangement I have ever heard, and the only arrangement I have found that splits up the musical repetition of the first part into two completely different phrases … the first being about the expression of having to fight for freedom, and the second about the fabric of the flag itself in that setting. Absolutely unprecedented. Stirring.

Chris Ramsden
Highly creative mind, partner in a pretend radio show, code-cracker. We had big ideas as 8 year olds. Approached our elementary school teacher once about doing a special project that required extra AV equipment. She actually said to us this: "You are no different than all of the other cabbages in the class." Have we proven her wrong yet?

Mr. Long (Brayden’s dad)
Little League Baseball coach, on the way to take an at-bat, told me he said I could hit a home run, told me to get my back elbow up, so I believed him and I hit one

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