Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Saturday in mid-April.

All the lifts were running.
All the ski runs were packed with snow.
You could feel that the parade had just about passed by, though.

This is the set up for one of Park City's great secrets.

There were less people around, and the smart boarders and skiers were enjoying fresh powder. Seriously. It was snowing hard on Saturday. They are probably locals, up there. These end-of-the-season snowstorms are the snow god's gift to locals. We'll just keep that as our little secret. 

Had a very short conversation with a guy walking with his dog in the snow. It went sort of like this:
Me - "Still snowing."
Dude - "Yeah. It's like ... you know ... the last snowstorm."

So it is. Maybe.

I helped install a 6'x4' painting in the home of a collector of my work. That is a pretty good day. 

Afterwards, I decided to find a good hot dog (do you think the fact that the dude with the dog triggered a food response?) and get back over the summit before they close it down because of the snow or the forthcoming car wrecks (which we all know to expect this time of year now that everyone's changed out their snow tires.) 

Here's the set up for another of Park City's great secrets:

Where do you get a killer hot dog in Park City? I didn't know. Park City has great food, it really does, but I've never sought out a good hot dog there. A quick search using the iPhone and I came up with a review of Nick's Greek Cafe and their lineup of gourmet hot dogs. Lots of people posted positive comments about it. Risk mitigated, so I'm there.

I tried their avalanche dog and, obviously, it was good enough to mention in this blog. 

If you're looking for a truly great hot dog in the Park City area, I recommend you try Nick's.

Here's their address:
Nick's Greek Cafe
1600 Snow Creek Dr.
PC UT 84060

The rest of the story is that I headed out of town via I-80 to the summit and ... naturally ... there was a wreck up there and after about a half hour being stopped up there with everyone else, I took advantage of the handy emergency lane connector that I'm not supposed to use and drove back down the mountain ... went home through Heber. 


Great skiing until the final day.

Installed commission painting. 

Good hot dog.


Can't go wrong.

Sorry, Park City ... these secrets are out.

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