Saturday, March 3, 2012


One of the coolest things about doing what I do is meet great people from all over. Today was one of those great opportunities for me.
I made two new friends from Ohio who commissioned a winter aspen scene from me through the Rich Haines Gallery.

Isn't it interesting how there are nice, interesting people everywhere?!

What they were looking for was a vertical set of aspen trees for a vertical space in their home. (It is in progress and will be shipped this next week.)

What they wanted was aspens in winter to fill a key focal point just over their fireplace. The reason why they requested a winter scene was because they love skiing, for one thing, and they wanted something to remember their Park City experience ... which is always in the winter! That's when they are here. Makes sense.

Once again, the lucky thing I get to do is help people like my new friends from Ohio tell their story. Their story is about winter in Park City.

I can honestly say that the different seasons here are each worth experiencing. But, ultimately, people will buy my work to remember their own experiences and talk about them with others. I love finding the things around Park City that become something beautiful and painting them. That's my experience. It is very fortunate for me that my experience creating artwork serves to help others relive theirs.

Artists can be an isolated bunch, just from the nature of the work we do. Yeah, I spend a lot of time in the studio. I really look forward to getting outside of my studio and meeting others, and art has blessed me to see amazing things and meet many "friends I haven't met yet".

I was greatly benefitted by the influence of teachers who helped direct me in my art learning curve, and I enjoy bringing out the child in others when I paint in public, put the brush in their hand, and say "go at it." The kids are by far the most willing to try. Adults are afraid to "mess things up." Everybody likes art, and I think everybody would try various kinds of art if they could get out of the mental constraints of adult-think.

So, here's my takeaway: Art is about people. Making new friends from Ohio today has reconfirmed that point, and reminded me again why I paint.

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