Sunday, March 11, 2012


Of the many faces of Park City, there may be seasons that you think of the most fondly.

Since I visit quite frequently, and since I paint all of them, I don't have a favorite just as I don't have a favorite child. Each season has its own identity ... you see things in one season that you don't see in others.

The Wintertime is wonderful because of its stark beauty and because the whole area is buzzing with visitors.

The Springtime is great because of its promise of new life, the disappearance of the snow in patches, and the water that springs up in the meadows.

The Summer is deep greens and the intense life that comes through in the trees and grasses. 'The living is easy', as they say.

Fall is transparent yellows and reds, and the prelude to colder weather, and the ski season regenerated.

Do you have a favorite?

Pick one.

I can't.

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