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There’s Still Time! – Your Thoughts About Park City Area Wanted

There’s Still Time! – Your Thoughts About Park City Area for Art Book -

As you know, I am putting together an actual book AND an eBook about my art featuring the scenes of Park City and will include thoughts and photos you might have about the area, too!

It’s easy to do and you will get a copy of the eBook version for free just for your contribution!

Here is a re-posting of my detailed blog post about how to do it!



I am putting together a book about my artwork of Park City and I would love to add you to it.

The working title is "My Park City" and it references both my love for the area and also points to the contributions from others about the area, too.

There are two ways that anyone can be part of it:

1. Your thoughts about Park City
The layout is in the form of a coffee table art book and will feature my recent paintings. It will be peppered with thoughts and expressions of personal affection for the area by people like you; statements of why you live there, why you vacation there, and what keeps bringing you back.

If you have something that you would like to contribute that ranges from just a few words in length to a paragraph, and is a heart-felt expression of your connection here, all you need to do is send me an email at and send me the following:

* Your thought
* Your name
* Your city of residence
* Your email
* A short written statement that I have approval to use your statement!

I can't promise that your entry will be in the final form of the book for sure, but I will get in as many as possible. PLUS I will send EVERY person who submits something a FREE copy of the eBook when it is ready!

2. Your photo placed in the Park City area
This one is more specific. I am going to move the narrative of the painting images along with pictures of people who are in the area. They would be holding a blank sheet of paper (or other item) that meets the following dimensions:

8.5 X 11



A painting will be "photoshopped" into the blank page area prior to finalization of the project.

The above dimensions would be used for images that are close to the person holding up the page.

I am also looking for some people to hold up this dimension:



These are standard notecard sizes.

The above dimensions would be used by people holding the card-sized pages forward, close to the lens of the camera.

In each case, what I am looking for are images that meet these criteria:

1. Must show you (although, I am not intending to make these portraits. I am planning on cropping parts of faces to have achieve a laid-back style)

2. Must show the paper or card being held in the hand or both hands, or at least be shown with you in the image.

3. Must be photographed in the Park City area somewhere. The location is up to you. It can be in the mountains, on a ski lift or gondola or funicular. It can be in a restaurant, a gas station, a resort hotel, or by a recognized landmark.

I am looking for creative ideas. You can be sitting down, standing up, picture taken with many people in the background going by, with a family pet, taken from up high looking down at you, etc. You can be looking away from the camera and maybe not even have your face in the picture at all!

Again, I won't be able to use every single contribution I am sent, but I will send you an eBook if you do.

If your picture is used in the book, I will send you a printed copy of the book, as well.

ALSO, I will give a painting (probably a smaller one, and probably of my choosing) to the person whose photo is used on the cover.

If you'd like to submit a photo for consideration for this book, here's what I need from you:

* Your photo in .jpg format
* Your name
* Your city of residence
* Your email
* A short written statement attesting that it is you in the picture and that I have approval to use your image

Please take several pictures and send them in low rez as a group to me.
After I have chosen the final pictures for the publication, I will then ask you for a HIGH REZ version of the chosen image. I would like this high rez image to be at least 10 mb (or as high as you can get them from your source photo). I will let you know when to send the large file.

Send them to

This is a project that will promote my work and will be distributed through various means. I promise, in return, to treat your image with the utmost respect and responsibility, and will limit the use of your image to basic marketing channels and methods.

Please let me know right away of your interest and how soon you can have your images to me to be considered for inclusion. I want to have the final layout to the press in February so the sooner contributions will be more likely to make it in.

I will report on its progress as we go through the process of completion.

Thanks again for supporting my work!

- Stew

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