Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Anstead - Park City Ghost Sign Triptych

Ghost Sign in Park City

Final footprint: 36x36

Mixed media/acrylic on panel
Viewable from Davanza’s at 690 Park Avenue in Park City UT

This is an interpretation of a real vintage garage sign.
The building is being remodeled. I do not know what the future holds for this sign, but felt it is a great landmark in town and worth preserving through art.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Torn Paper Abstract Art



About My Mixed Media Featuring Torn Paper and Turn-of-the-Century Typography

The storytelling in this torn and scrubbed abstract triptych is more subtle but it's there.
The faded ads on the sides of grand old buildings are called Ghost Signs. They have been there for generations and are now starring in my work. I've also blended in vintage newspaper columns from the turn of the century matching the eras.

The work is extremely versatile. If typography tells your story best, I can fold into the work any language visual element to make a unique artistic expression, including newspaper articles and ads, magazines, bills of lading, punch cards, time cards, handwritten notes, signs ... anything that fits.
And it's the degree to which those signs have degraded with weather and time that catches the eye. I then take all kinds of liberties in helping to advance their weathering through various tools.

Check for current inventory or have them custom built for your spaces.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Art to Order - How I do bespoke work

Lift Ticket Office
Acrylic on Canvas

This is a ski them piece created on commission by an interior design company. Their client's home in the Park City area and the ID team wanted a piece to compliment their game room. Their requirements were to fit an original piece on a narrow wall space. They were after art that featured some aspect of vintage skiing. In addition, the ID team wanted to have a piece featuring muted earth tones.

I created a rendering of this piece on the computer and then superimposed the render on a photo of the actual wall space for a close approximation of final installation.

This piece includes various elements of wood texture, as their client was a woodworker by trade.

The piece took approximately one week from rendering approval to delivery of the final piece.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Vintage papers, ads, and signs as bespoke pillows!

Decorate with accents that echo life from another era. These pillows mirror some of my artwork and feature actual newspaper articles, ads, signs, and more.

I do bespoke work that tailors your life, your history, your passions, that become the wallpaper of your life. It's a nice way to extract that hidden piece of your personality and let it bleed all over your safe spaces.

There was exactly two people who follow me on my social who asked if there were limitations to what could go on these. The answer is that,

Oversized art in smaller spaces

Placement of a large piece on a regular-height wall.
It's an excellent solution to specific interior design opportunities such as this one.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Art Series: Something old is new again - Ghost Sign - Artifacts Series by Anstead

Example of a typical ghost sign in Lehi Utah
You have noticed them from time to time, but did you know that they're a "thing"?
You have ghost signs painted on the wall of some building in your city. I find them endlessly fascinating. They tell a story from long ago and because they often have intrinsic historic value as a local artifact, they are left untouched.

We are a culture that has been saturated with pop culture, and much of it is due to advertising. These relics of the past are hand painted ad often feature vintage design style, vintage fonts, and word usage that is archaic by today's vernacular. In other words ... they are cool as heck!

I have produced a new series of artwork that fits both the abstract category and the mixed media category. They will be found in the mixed media category on my site. The point of my work is to pull from the ghost sign feel and combine them with other pop culture relics that build more particular theme. If I did a painting of just the Keely's Ice Cream ghost sign, it would be fine, but I think a camera cool make a quicker job of it. It is more interesting to me to use my background as a designer and see where the starting point of a ghost sign takes me.
Ski Equipment-Quality Duality 36x36 - ©2016 Stewart Anstead

Here is one example of the pieces I am producing. In this piece, you see an abstract placement of different harmonious colors arranged in a balanced way. It is supposed to stand on its own as an abstract as if you can't see any more images you recognize. Then you notice word usage that says ski equipment for sale, basically, in what looks like an ad. Look a bit deeper and you see images that make up the under painting. You begin to see people and places and landmarks and other ephemera that relate to that skiing theme. 

This is a concept that I have worked hard to develop so that I can apply it to a myriad of themes and that will work in any size configuration.
Ski Equipment-Quality Duality - Side Detail

Also, you will note that the sides of the work are not just painted a solid color but is actually an extension of the theme. In this case, the theme is vintage skiing so the sides are made up of early newspaper pages from a ski resort town. This piece has vintage generic skiing as it's theme, but has Park City elements. The newspaper is the old Park Record.

I would love to hear what you think of these pieces. I will post the next few when they are completed. If you'd like to chat about acquiring these, or if you'd like to discuss creating some that fit your own favorite theme, you're welcome to contact me and we can go over your ideas.